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Have You ever walked into a Golf Shop and wanted to buy a New Club or a New Set of Clubs, but You became overwhelmed with the amount of choice, and in fact, You got so confused, You did not know which club to buy in the end? Come and visit Johnny Young, to learn of His Unique and personal Fitting System,which will guarantee that You not only leave with the Correct Golf Club, but You will also leave with the Knowledge and Understanding of what is Your Correct Golf Swing.                                                                                                                                                        


Johnny is and 'AA' qualified PGA Professional, and a "Master Dynacraft Custom fitter" for all leading brands. Johnny has been Custom Fitting "all his life." Custom Fit is available for all new purchases required, and for your existing sets. Your existing set may only need to be altered or adjusted, to fit you,and your swing perfectly. Key Parts of getting your Custom Fit right for you, are Head Options, Shaft Options, Grip Options, Length and Loft and Lie Options. Also, a full and comprehensive choice of Demo Clubs will be on site, including the watchful and attentive eye of Johnny Young, His Understanding of your swing, Flightscope Ball and Club Data, and High Speed Video Technology. Let me introduce you to another New style of Custom Fit.


Combining almost 40 years of coaching experience,and Johnny "Syntax Golf System" which is a complete understanding of your Golf Swing Sequence, high speed video analysis, Flightscope Golf Ball and Golf Club data. This system will leave nothing to chance.

After this session, the Golfer will know their own personal "Syntax Golf System", if their existing clubs suit them or not, or which new clubs will suit them and their golf swing the best.

After this session you will not only know... which club suit you best, but you will know... which swing suit you best, this is why, Golfers are calling this style of Custom Fit...... "The Perfect Fit"




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