I  and My Golf Friend were only back Home from Austrailia for Christmas with our Families, and We got a Voucher as a gift for a Flightscope Lesson with Johnny Young. We have been playing golf for about 4 years, and in ALL the lessons that we have had We both always came over the TOP and badly sliced the ball. Johnny Young gave us a Fresh Explanation for the slice, and within 30 minutes we were both able to DRAW the ball, our numbers on the Flightscope showed that we were both now hitting the ball from the inside!!  We are both so happy now, we cant wait to get back on the course and show our friends, that we are not Slicers anymore, but in fact...We are now The Happy Hookers!!      

Les and Fred from Austrailia  

 At the start of Last Year, I wasn't enjoying My golf , and my golf pal had strongly recommended me to visit the Golf Doctor, Johnny Young!  In just 3 lessons I was back on the right road, I only needed to make 2 changes to my Method. What a relief, because any other time that I have taken lessons, it seemed like there was an awful lot to change. Anyway, not only have I reduced my handicap by 4 strokes, not only did I WIN The Captains Prize, The greatest thing about my lessons is that my back no longer hurts...and Yes, I am now enjoying my golf!!!    


"Three years ago, I lined up at a golf clinic given by Johnny Young.  I was by far the worst in a class of thirty.  All of the others made a SWISH sound when they hit the ball ---the sound I made was just a THUMP!  However, because of Johnny’s teaching I can now do the SWISH!

I have had huge enjoyment from golf.  It is like two of my other passions---music and sailing----no frontiers.  I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to enjoy the game of golf with golfers from Ireland, England, Sweden, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Canada, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Japan and Austria.

I would never have enjoyed these experiences without the magic SWISH from Johnny.  As I say regularly to myself when I have a good shot----‘Thank you Johnny’. "

- Liza, Dublin

"i started getting lessons back in September,5 months ago, I was struggling with My game. No matter how hard I practised, My shots were often weak, and flew high from left to right. After 3 visits to Johnny not only did I notice, but My friends started to notice My ball flight had become more penetrating, flew further, and more importantly, from Right to Left!! My dream Flight!! If you want a quick fix go and see someone else, but if you want a swing for life, and you are willing to put the work in, then Johnny is your man, go no further than Johnny Young"

ANTONY - Cork (Handicap now 6. Down from 9 just six months ago)

"What I like about Johnny Youngs style of coaching is his simplicity. My mind can only cope with one thing at a time, and that suits me. Other coaches have overloaded my mnd before I met Johnny."

Catherine - Waterford

"All the previous lessons that I have had with different coaches, I have payed worse immiediately after their lessons. With Johnny my game improved staightaway."

John Dublin

"I highly recommend Johnny Young for coaching,He has been keeping Me on track for Years. He uses His expert Eye,His Teaching Skills, and the latest technology to identify problems or areas for improvement. He is a Great Guy to Work with.


I would never have reached 13 Handicap, but for Johnny"s exceptional coaching.

Anna, Rosslare

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