If you are like most Golfers, and your Golf Game often leaves you feeling frustrated and confused, You might like to try my Teaching System. Instead of trying something new again, or listening to a tip from a fellow Golfer, come and find out what is Your Golf System, so that You can learn what You should be Practising, and what You should be Investing Your Precious time into. This System is called "The Syntax Golf System," and My pupils are not just Happy with their Results, but they are especially Happy with the simplicity and the clarity, with which they KNOW what they are doing, and why.

The Syntax Golf System

I believe every Golfer is entitled to their very own Golf System, However very few Golfers ever get to know their system, and as a result every swing they make is different, every time they practise they are trying out "new things" and they never get to know, why they hit a good shot, or why they hit a bad shot. 

My four rules to teaching The Syntax Golf System are:

1. Knowledge 

I need my pupil to learn and understand their sequence that produces their good shots. The Knowledge must be simple, personal and understood.

2. Practice 

I need my pupil to buy into their system and practice their sequence over and over, again and again, until the sequence becomes comfortable, and starts to feel natural. "When it starts to happen naturally... You will have earned it."

3. Play 

I need my pupils to stick with their "play code" which only comes after the knowledge has been practiced, and the movement/swing has become natural,and has now been put into a individual/personal "play code."

4. Results 

When you combine the right knowledge with the right practice.. you will see amazing results.

Results are the barometer to good coaching, good practice and improvement.  So when you get to KNOW the sequence of your Syntax Golf System, and you PRACTISE it until it becomes natural, and your PLAY starts to show consistent RESULTS,  you have now started to arrive at the Holy Grail of Golf..."Consistency"   



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